A New Stove Project Looks to Crowdsource Healthier Heating

Regular readers of this site may know that we are fans of efficient stoves. The Kenya Stove is a new project to get efficient stoves in the hands of Kenyans. Erin, from Kenya Stove writes:

First some bad news: More than 3 billion people rely on traditional cookstoves for cooking in the developing world. Exposure to smoke from inefficient cookstoves and open-fire cooking practices contributes to the burden of pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases and results in an estimated two million deaths worldwide per year.

Now the good news: We plan to pilot a novel gasifying wood stove and fuel project in Kenya in the coming months. The stove emits little smoke, is durable and can be made at low cost with materials locally available in Kenya by Kenyan artisans thus creating jobs. Additionally we have selected mesquite, an invasive species in Kenya, to be used as the fuel source and therefore not impact indigenous forests through deforestation for wood fuel or charcoal-making. We anticipate our project will improve the health of families by reducing exposure to smoke, provide a lower cost fuel for cooking, and reduce the environmental impact caused by charcoal-making and the emissions from inefficient stoves.

Help fund their initiative here.

One thought on “A New Stove Project Looks to Crowdsource Healthier Heating

  1. Incredible! As an African, I understand the health issues and struggle related to finding fuel every day and cooking meals indoors. This looks like a phenomenal solution to the problem. I especially like the idea of building it locally. What well-meaning donors don’t realize is that giving people free stuff compromises the local economies. Instead, funding local businesses or contributing to education in the way that this project is doing is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. Amazing work – let us know how it turns out!

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