Stop Junk Mail by Taking Photos

Nobody likes getting dead trees in their mailbox – particularly when those dead trees are useless adverts for products nobody wants (or even needs). Luck for us PaperKarma has created an app for your mobile that allows you to unsubscribe from junk mail lists by simply taking a photo! For now, it looks like it’s only usable in the USA.

PaperKarma works on magazines, catalogs, coupons, fliers, credit card offers, and even the Yellow Pages. To sign up for the service, you need to hand over a bit of your own information, including your address and email. Once you do, all you need to do is snap a picture of the junk mail in your mailbox and PaperKarma unsubscribes you from the list. The nice thing is that you can pick and choose what you unsubscribe from. If you like getting a particular catalog, you can keep it on your list.

PaperKarma’s site
From LifeHacker.

One thought on “Stop Junk Mail by Taking Photos

  1. Some people just put up signs that say, No Flyers Please, but really, that isn’t good enough.

    Local carriers of ads and the Local Shopper Magazine (there’s one in every area) pay the carrier by the house. If the house sticker reads, “no flyers please”, the carrier is “supposed” to tell the Magazine, so that they send one fewer papers/ad bundles to distribute. BUT, the carriers don’t do that. They hang on to the extra ones, dump them in the recycle or garbage, keep the 7 cents or whatever, and the householder thinks they’ve saved a tree.

    No. You must phone the Local Shopper Magazine and tell them yourself.

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