Floating Solar Power Plants

Solar panels have to endure a lot of temperature variations be it from bright sun to cloud to rain so the panels need to be rather durable. Some smart people have figured a way to keep the ambient temperature of the solar array low b placing the panels over water.

The floating solar power units, called Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA), use concentrated photovoltaic technology where a lenses direct the light onto solar cells and move throughout the day to follow the sun.

The company says the advantage to floating a solar power plant is that it erases the need for expensive structures to protect it from inclement weather and high winds — when rough weather comes along, the lenses just submerge. Floating on water, whether it be the ocean, a lake or a tiny pond, also keeps the solar cells cool, which increases their efficiency and lifespan

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2 thoughts on “Floating Solar Power Plants

  1. This is very cool. It sure beats oil tankers floating on the water. These can’t spill. Solar energy is a big part of our solution to our energy problems.

  2. With so much of the earth covered by water, this could be a good solution to our energy consumption.

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