Therapeutic Horse Riding

Animals seem to be wonderful for human health, we just found out the greatness of cats, and now we know about the greatness of horses. The Totem Saddle Club in British Columbia provides therapeutic riding for kids who suffer from cerebral palsy.

They are participating in a therapeutic riding session run by the Northwest Therapeutic Equestrian Association (NWTEA). Therapeutic riding involves using horses to aid in the development of children and young adults with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.

According to Lisa Burd, president of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA), almost anyone with such difficulties can benefit from therapeutic riding, including people with spina bifida, brain injury, attention deficit disorder, emotional difficulties, autism and neurological impairments.

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  1. ok i just want to say that my cuz she died and like she loved horses it helped her see that big animals wont hurt her she was 24 and she could not talk and she never understood what people said and when she got on tha horses she smiled the hole time and it made her feel good about herself. that was the happiest day of my life.

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