Government to Cut Greenhouse Gas by 2010

breathe.jpgCanada’s Environment Minister Rona Ambrose introduced a proposed clean air act during a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday. The Tory Government has targeted industry sectors who will now have mandatory requirements that will be enforced to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2050. These industries include gas and oil as well as the auto industry.

By 2011 further measures will be taken for more long term goals to cut smog emmisions, the act will take a baby steps approach toward a larger goal of reductions up to 65 per cent by 2050. Although it is a small step it is nice to see some action being taken. Ambrose said any polluter who goes over the regulated targets will be fined, with the money going to an environmental damage fund.

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  1. Yeah, i really dont like Haprer either, thats why when it seemed he was doing something somewhat ‘good’ i felt it was newsworthy. I think its a very tiny step, but if they’re even talking about the environment I see this as a step in the right direction. Change never happens overnight. Especially with conservatives!

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