Happy World Car Free Day!

people, not cars It’s that time of year again when we care for our fellow humans and we try to make the world a better place. It’s World Car Free Day!

Over in Europe they have Mobility Week, which is far better than just a day without cars. We should all celebrate non-auto transit.

I know in Toronto Yonge St. (a major street) is closed to cars today, and the Sierra Club is behind this. You can easily find out more about Canada Car Free Day. Also in Toronto the group Streets Are For People are encouraging more direct and creative action with tea!

I hope that where you live people have made an effort to stop polluting and live a healthier lifestyle!

2 thoughts on “Happy World Car Free Day!

  1. Yay for being at college with out a car! (I only get car pool rides to the local super-store) I really need a bicycle though… I always got the feeling that street bikes go fast more easily on roads than wide-tired dirt bikes, is this true?

  2. Well, yeah. I ride a mountain bike every day in the city and I find it to be exactly what I need. My roommate on the other hand has a racing bike and he loves it.

    Get whatever you feel more comfortable riding.

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