Paper from Poo and Xerox

People tend to use a lot of paper, we can do a lot by lessening how much paper we use. Currently we can buy 100% post-consumer paper and print double-sided. But what if we can go one step further?

Recycled paper mixed with a slurry of sheep poo can make more paper! The amount of jokes that can be made here are endless, but see how it’s made.

Xerox has created a kind of paper that will erase itself. Not only can reduce the amount of paper we use, we can reuse it as well!

“This offers the prospect of reusable paper in the sense that the content is automatically erased after a period of time, ready for fresh printing. Inspired by the fact that many print outs have a life-span of a few hours (think of the emails you may print out just to read, or the content you proof read on the train journey back home), the specially prepared paper will preserve its content for up to 16 hours.”

One thought on “Paper from Poo and Xerox

  1. I’d hate to see someone accidentally print their thesis on that special paper…

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