Bush Protects Environment???

With all the stories lately about the U.S. president avoiding important environmental issues, this recent news is a truely refreshing change. President George W Bush has recently established the largest protected marine area in the World, in Hawaii. The Northwestern Hawaiian Island Marine National Monument stretches 2,600 kilometers across the central Pacific Ocean and is home to a variety of species that are not found anywhere else on the planet. It is also the largest and healthiest coral-reef system in the United States.

Protection of the area will ensure that unauthorized passage of ships will be prohibited, as well as unauthorized recreational or commercial activity, removal of coral wildlife minerals and other resources or waste dumping.

About Vanessa King

Vanessa is a co-founder and the in-house artist of ThingsAreGood.com. She is a fundraising administrator working on behalf of various charities and dreams of being the sole person who, through synchronistic and somewhat accidental circumstance, ends up saving the World. After her 13 year stint as a professional actress in film and television, Vanessa is now pursuing her musical ambitions as a singer as she also hopes to save the World through music.

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