Britsh Army joins parade for Gay Pride

“We hope the [British] Army will have more involvement next year and a float as well,” said Claire Turner.

She was not talking about the British participation in the invasion of Iraq. She is the director of the gay pride festival in Manchester, UK.

About 10 uniformed soldiers paraded and manned a recruitment stall. The ban on homosexuals in the armed forces was lifted in January 2000, but it wasn’t until last year, when some 20 RAF soldiers manned a float featuring a plane cockpit, that the first armed service joined a gay pride festival.

“They’re showing that they welcome gay people and the Army is something gay people can be interested in,” said Turner. This is very different from the situation of their gay American colleagues. In the U.S., gay soldiers – some of whom have served for many years – have been sent home because, apparently due to their gayness, they might hesitate at crucial moments.

We welcome soldiers at gay parades, and we welcome the armies’ tolerance.

(Read the full article at BBC NEWS)

India Providing Aid to Afghanistan

The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, sees that stability is needed in Asia, and one way that India can help keep things stable is by helping Afghanistan more. Already New Delhi ranks in the top six contributors to Kabul.

On a recent visit to Kabul, Singh noted that more reconstruction is needed and has said publicly that India will continue to help Afghanistan as well as further their economic and political ties.

China’s Firewall

Harvard’s Law School is trying to figure what which websites China’s internet firewall is blocking. They have provided a page where you can go and test if a website is blocked. They also have documentation on internet filtering worldwide.

At the time of this posting it is unknown whether or not is blocked. A list of sites known to be blocked is also online. Harvard is looking into China’s firewall (and other places are too) to better understand why China is blocking them.

It is also a good resource for people to see how constraining internet censorship can be, and maybe provoke people to voice their concern. The list is used be other organizations that are always looking to get around the firewall.

Iran (not so) Far Away From Negotiations

Iran has taken a firm stance on continuing its nuclear ambitions, but recently they have shown interest in further negotiations with the EU. Nukes are no fun Iran has decided to come up with its own plan about how to go about the nuclear issue. Important to note that Iran has openly expressed interest in getting other nations involved.

Previously the EU ended negotiations and currently they are preparing for sanctions on the nation. France is open to more talks.

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