China’s Firewall

Harvard’s Law School is trying to figure what which websites China’s internet firewall is blocking. They have provided a page where you can go and test if a website is blocked. They also have documentation on internet filtering worldwide.

At the time of this posting it is unknown whether or not is blocked. A list of sites known to be blocked is also online. Harvard is looking into China’s firewall (and other places are too) to better understand why China is blocking them.

It is also a good resource for people to see how constraining internet censorship can be, and maybe provoke people to voice their concern. The list is used be other organizations that are always looking to get around the firewall.

One thought on “China’s Firewall

  1. This is a crazy issue I’ve never really thought about before. Makes me wonder if my own internet and information sources could be more manipulated than I thought. I mean obviously news can sway, but if there is info that people are being restricted from…well thats just bloody mind control.
    Yay Harvard!

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