Wal-Mart Tries to be Good

Wal-Mart, known by most to be a horrible corporation, is trying to be environmentally conscious. CNN has an article on a new store Wal-Mart is opening that has a windmill and a roof that opens and closes based on sunlight.

Wal-Mart is doing this to save money and also to try to improve its reputation. I never thought that Wal-Mart would ever make it onto this site in this way, but it does make sense since energy is becoming more and more expensive. Wal-Marts have huge roofs that can be used for solar panels; their buildings are surrounded by huge parking lots that would allow wind to be generated for windmills.

One thought on “Wal-Mart Tries to be Good

  1. Actually I believe Walmart said it would help protect as much land as is used by its parking lots… Something like that… Go PR!

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