Stop Desertification With Wildlife

Allan Savory wants to end desertification by helping grasslands flourish. Many parts of the world are experiencing desertification, including China which is planting trees to fight the growing dunes, so a solution to this growing problem is needed. Savory’s solution is counter-intuitve and absolutely brilliant:use wildlife to save the land.

One thought on “Stop Desertification With Wildlife

  1. Good morning,

    I’m Filippo De Matteis, the founder of the first italian magazine on environmental communication (

    We’ve just had a very interesting exclusive interview with Allan Savory about his revolutionary theories on climate change, whom you referred to in an article on your website some time ago, after the brilliant Allan Savory’s TED talk in february. As you will see in the link below, we’ve had a long talk about his theories, the informative frauds, the digital and environmental communication.

    Here’s the link to the english version of the interview:

    You can find the interview on Savory Institute official site, too:

    I hope you’ll appreciate.

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