Eat Early for Best Calorie Burning Results

If you tend to eat early in the day you are more likely to burn weight than people who eat later on in the day. A study recently looked into timing of meals between groups of people in Spain and the USA and found that those who ate their largest meal of the day before 3pm lost 25% more weight.

So if you’re looking to diet you should schedule most of your caloric intake to happen before 3pm.

“This was the first long-term large-scale study to really demonstrate that the timing of meals can predict weight-loss effectiveness,” said one of the study’s authors Frank Scheer, director of the Medical Chronobiology Program and associate neuroscientist at the hospital.

Researchers divided participants into two groups, based on when they ate their largest meal of the day, which in Spain happens to be lunch, when about 40 per cent of the day’s calories are consumed. Early eaters were those who lunched before 3 p.m., while late eaters ate after 3 p.m.

Read more at The Star.

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