Start-ups Founded by Women on the Rise

The tech industry is filled with men and a near-machismo culture that can be intimidating to both men and women. Fortunately inroads have been made by women into the tech world and are creating quite the splash.

The emergence of young female tech founders and executives reflects sweeping change in the worlds of start-up companies and angel funding, where wealthy investors give money in return for a stake in a company. It underscores the enormous purchasing prowess of women online that is transforming the Web economy. As more consumers reach for their smartphones and tablets to shop and communicate, there is a pressing need for commerce sites that cater to women, who control 70% of online purchases worldwide, according to Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer, a digital media company.
Many of these inroads are being made by female-led start-ups that are fueling innovation and the digital economy. Women will influence the purchase of $15 trillion in goods by 2014, according to Boston Consulting Group.

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One thought on “Start-ups Founded by Women on the Rise

  1. Unsurprising. Women have been attending post-secondary in greater numbers than men for a few years now, and Statistics Canada has already shown that post-secondary grads are more likely to start up their own businesses than non.

    We’re just finally seeing some of the effects of that trend in education becoming obvious.

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