Bike Sharing at a Women’s Shelter

Despite the local mayors attempts to stop cycling in Toronto, Torontonians are all about bicycling into the future. Now a local women’s shelter has stepped up to help women of Toronto in a related way: by providing the women they help with wheels.

The idea, the shelter said in a news release is to “provide women with access to bikes that will not only increase their mobility and physical wellness, but most importantly allow them to connect with their community, access support, and have some fun in the process.”

Kiki Iverson has already donated a bike and she posted a call for others to join her on her Facebook page.

The women who use the shelter need bikes, said Iverson, but they also “need friends. They need family. They need community. They need help for sure.”

“One of the primary things we’ve heard from women is the sense of freedom and being able to get around,” said Hogg. “Being able to get out of the house and the confidence that comes from being active.”

Read the full article here

Also the CBC has an interactive element dedicated to bicycle infrastructure in Canada.

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