Legalizing Prostitution Increases Health and Safety

Prostitution isn’t going away anytime soon (or ever) and as a result ought to ensure the safety of those involved in the field. In many places sex workers are abused and exploited and that’s not a good thing.

A new study from Australia found that no matter what the laws are around prostitution it will still occur; however, if it’s legalized than sex workers are healthier and safer!

Sex workers in Sydney, where adult prostitution is decriminalised and brothel locations are regulated through local planning laws, have access to the best-funded support program at $800,000 a year.

Sydney sex workers were also more likely to report regular contact with a health worker compared with those in other cities.

Sydney has about 200 brothels within 20 kilometres of the city centre, the research found, all operating legally – but many without planning permission.

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