Compute a Little More Green

I tend to use computers daily and I like the environment, so I like to be as green as possible while on the ol’ computer machine. PC World has five tips for greener computing.

There’s also global shutdown day.

So you’re getting ready to upgrade to a new computer, but you’ve discovered that you have no room in the closet for the old one because it’s already filled with a decade’s worth of obsolete technology. What to do? One solution is to recycle your old gadgets by bringing them somewhere where they’ll be disposed of properly. You can find a list of services in your area by checking out Earth 911’s Web site, which tells you where to dispose of everything from batteries to toner cartridges to the 386 you’ve had knocking around since the first George Bush was in office.

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  1. Granted, there’s definitely a problem with an overwhelming amount of old outdated PCs. But I personally enjoy what Userful has come up with in regards to green computing turning one computer into ten. This is very cool because you can actually re-use old PCs with the Userful Desktop. You can check out more info on this on their site:

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