Canada to Label Bisphenol A dangerous

Bisphenol A is chemical that is used to make plastic containers like Nalgene water bottles. Health Canada has been looking into the chemical for some time now and will announce today that Bispehnol A is considered dangerous in Canada. Some stores have banned products that use the chemical, with San Fransico providing some legislation against the chemical.

It is believed that bisphenol A can leach out of food and beverage containers when they are exposed to high heat or highly acidic foods.

Studies show that it mimics the hormone estrogen in the bloodstream, and is linked to health problems including breast cancer and infertility.

If bisphenol A is indeed declared dangerous, it could be up to a year or more before the health minister is able to issue regulations controlling its use.

Previous reports claimed the announcement would come as early as last Wednesday. That prompted several Canadian retailers to pull products containing bisphenol A from their shelves.

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