5 “Unusual” Reasons to be Vegetarian

A blogger has outlined the top reasons that he’s vegetarian. Like me, he loved to BBQ when he ate meat, but now the thought isn’t so appetizing. His reasons for being vegetarian are nearly identical to mine, so hopefully he can convince you to at the very least eat less meat.

Here’s a sample from his list:

I am boycotting the least efficient food product to create. Pound per usable pound, meat costs us 30 to 100 times more water than it’s nutritional equivalent in plant foods, not to mention the plants that are also fed to the animals (food consumption of animals is a heated topic because some farmers use recycled waste material with their feed to reduce their figures, so I’m not even going to try to add some figures here). Why isn’t meat more expensive if it costs so much to make? Read on to find out.

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