A Newer, Gooder Website!

If you come here often, you’ll notice that the site looks different!

I just made the switch to this theme and I’m sure there are still some bugs around so if you find any, please leave a comment (after you comment you’ll see a bug…). I plan on adding some minor colour changes and add some features soon. I’ll list the features here once they’ve been implemented.

  • Tag cloud! Taxonomy is fun, check out the right side of the site.
  • Share this! Look slightly below and you’ll see a “Share this” option. Click on it to send the post to a friend or one of the more popular social websites.
  • Take good news to go! If you’re on a mobile you’ll now be better able to view Things Are Good.
  • The site should load faster.
  • If you comment, you should get a thank-you email and the page won’t have to reload after you comment
  • When reading a single post page you’ll notice relevant content from the Arkayne network under the content.

Thanks to Ricdes for the WordPress theme, it’s so good that I made only minor changes 🙂

Another thanks to the wonderful people at WordPress who continue to make my favourite blogging platform.

3 thoughts on “A Newer, Gooder Website!

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  2. Hi Adam,

    it definitely looks very good! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, but never commented before (sorry ;-))
    My blog is about the positive news too, and honestly I’m still struggling on which picture to use as a header… I’ve been searching for it extensively, but nothing really seems to capture it..

    I really like the one you are using now, it’s bright, uplifting and positive..

    Great additions you made too, they’re all a way of showing you care about your readers!! Thanks for that,
    peace to you,


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