I just watched Michael Moore’s new movie Sicko last night and let me tell you – it’s amazing! Sure, the movie is upsetting at points because you feel for all the poor people who suffer due to the American health care system. Granted, that isn’t good, but what is good is that Moore continuously reminds us that change is possible!

He shows us how the Canadian, English, Cuban, and French health care systems provide universal care for their citizens, and how great those systems are in comparison to the for-profit USA system. Being a Canadian, I was reminded about how good we have it in Canada, and makes me want to sign up on this site. Watch this movie, and get inspired to make a healthy change for this world.

Watch the movie below:

If the video above no longer works, just try this search. On a more cinematic note, this is Moore’s best film since Roger and Me (I found his last two lackluster).

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