Slow Down, Improve Your Life

Carl Honoré wants us to slow down and take things easy, that doesn’t mean that he wants us to become lazy though. He wrote a book “In Praise of Slow” to let us know about the slow movement. In a world in which everything (including walking speed) is speeding up we no longer take time to stop and smell the roses – let alone deliver them on a unicycle.

CNN, the 24 hour information-overload news network, has a good article on why we should slow down.

If it all sounds to you like the musings from a slacker’s manifesto, you’re not yet in tune with the concept of the slow life. Resist the tug of technology: turn off your mobile, don’t send that email just yet and try and forget, just for a few minutes, about the thousand tedious tasks that you feel need to be done.

As well as the slow food movement, there are slow towns, aiming to improve the quality of life for inhabitants and making them more pleasant places to live. It’s more a philosophical statement rather than a directive. Ludlow was the first UK town to achieve slow town status, but admittedly, life in this Shropshire market town has never been anything other than sedate

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