Bamboo Ecobook

Asus is making a line of notebooks that are modular and easily upgradable for the end user. One of these easy modifications that can be done is making the notebook an ecobook by having bamboo casing and all the plastic made of recycled materials!

There won’t be many who find issue with the choice of material used in the EcoBook. Bamboo wood is easily replenished (it grows infamously fast) and yet when polished up it creates a luxurious wood veneer that is also biodegradable.

But the goodness of ASUS new ECOBOOK doesn’t stop there. the plastics chosen to manufacture the EcoBook come from recyclable raw materials and are numbered to facilitate recycling when the product reaches the end of its life cycle.

One thought on “Bamboo Ecobook

  1. This is really cool! The other day I was shopping and saw this beaiful blouse that was apparently also made out of bamboo. It was really soft.
    On that note I think I might plant some bamboo to look at.

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