Kite Power

Wind power is nothing new, but a power plant that can produce as much power as a nuclear reactor is. Imagine a spinning top that uses kites to rotate and that, in turn, generates an electrical current. Researches in Italy have done just that, they have created KiteGen.

“KiteGen’s core is set in motion by the twirl of the kites; the rotation activates large alternators producing current. A control system on autopilot optimizes the flight pattern to maximize the juice produced as it sails on night and day. A radar system can redirect kites within seconds in case of any interference: oncoming helicopters, for example. Or small planes or even single birds.

Research by Sequoia Automation, the small company near Turin heading the project, estimates that KiteGen could churn out one gigawatt of power at a cost of just 1.5 euros per megawatt hour. That’s nearly 30 times less than the average cost in Europe of 43 euros per megawatt hour.”

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  1. Buongiorno,
    Do you have any site where I can see this kind of project in live?
    I am really interested.

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