Hope Spreads Faster than AIDS

my faceToday I was at the International AIDS Conference happening here in Toronto (previously). I was there representing TakingITGlobal, whom I work for, of course there were plenty of other wonderful organizations. Conviently, there is a list of every organization there, but one organization that had a really creative booth was CUSO.

CUSO setup a series of “rooms” where you had the chance to express what you really wanted to say to whomever. I wrote a message to those jerks who hold back HIV/AIDS medicinebecause I hate how they put profits before people. Despite my short tirade, other people had novel ideas and heart-warming messages.

It is just fantastic to see that so many people care about HIV/AIDS, and that they are doing something about it! TakingITGlobal has conveniently made an online resource of what you can do!

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area I strongly urge to get to the conference! There is a free section called the Global Village where many organizations have information booths.

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