Fake Trees Can Clean Air

Ironically, a plan for fake trees only exists on paper right now. Dr Klaus Lackner, from Columbia University, has proposed a “fake tree” that can clean the air of CO2. The tree can the air of 90,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Right now it is cost-prohibitve to build the fake trees because the filtering material is very expensive to recycle. Dr. Lackner sees making artificial ways to clean the air of car emissions ,and other CO2 sources, has a very important step in saving the planet.

2 thoughts on “Fake Trees Can Clean Air

  1. That’s pretty bizzarre….
    I’d like to see a cost/benefit analysis for this solution versus planting new forest, one that takes both a short and long view.
    Ie. if fake trees are more effective in the short term, what do we do with them once our forests are grown 100 years from now?

  2. I am inrerested in synthetic trees for use around a solid waste landfill.

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