Wild Salmon Find A Voice

Well not the salmon themselves per say, but in the hit series Boston Public where over 15 million viewers recently watched an episode which spoke about the issues of salmon farming and its effects on wild salmon populations. Using humour and drama, the hit series had three clear messages including how sea lice from salmon farms are threatening BC’s wild salmon, solutions to the problem and how to learn if you are in fact eating farmed salmon at a restaurant or from a fish market.

From the show…….

Alan Shore: Oh my God. This book! The Stain Upon the Sea. It’s all about these sea lice.
Denny Crane: Interesting.
Alan Shore: They call them cling-ons.
Denny Crane: Did you say Klingons?
Alan Shore: They really could wipe out salmon if something isn’t done.

It’s nice to see television making statements that can help spread awareness on important issues such as these. To learn more about the impacts of salmon farms on the natural environment you can check out this site.

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