Pressure’s on for Diebold in North Carolina

Judges in North Carolina have ordered Diebold to divulge the source code of their voting machines, or face felony charges.

Shortly before the US election In 2004, Diebold’s owner, Walden O’Dell, said he was committed to delivering the election to the president. Their voting machines were also cracked by a chimpanzee, to the effect that the vote tally was altered.

Really, are we all just dreaming this world into being?

“Nuclear: Wrong Answer” Greenpeace Tells Blair

Greenpeace activists entered a conference where Tony Blair was about to deliver a speech about the positive qualities of nuclear power and told the attendees that nuclear power is very dangerous. Blair champions the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Blair’s presence at the conference was kept secret, but rumors swirled that he would be present.

From the article:

“After a 40-minute stand-off – during which the protesters dropped yellow “nuclear fall-out” confetti on the delegates and Mr Blair went off and had a cup of tea – the CBI’s director general, Sir Digby Jones, emerged, somewhat embarrassed, to say that the speech would go ahead in another room.”

Why dont you tell someone to Flick Off!

Ever wondered what the current status of electricity in Ontario is right now? Its common knowledge that electricity is in short supply and conservation and managing demand are key to ensuring a reliable and inexpensive supply of electricity. But, to the public where, when, how, and why are questions that someone needs direct answers to, including me, in real time.

Although I can check on the IESO’s website to see what the projected electricity status is, this takes time and many people don’t have the time to check this website 2-5 times a day. Organizing this confusing mess is the Flick Off project that emails or text messages members who sign up with fun and unique messages on how and when to conserve electricity. Sign up and learn about energy and conservation while gaining information on the status of the electricity industry. Electricity prices rose to $2 per KWH this summer in Ontario while you pay 5 cents, the difference is covered by the tax payer.

Netmetering is coming to Ontario, so you might be paying the real market price soon. I’ve already told eveyone I know to Flick Off!

Green Drinks!!

Green Drinks is a phenomenom that has been sweeping the world organizing and connecting human capital from the environmental field using age old organization tactics, networking and beer! Green Drinks brings together lively mixtures of people from NGOs, academia, government and business, fostering information sharing and networking under the guise of protecing the environment. Green Drinks is open to everyone becoming an organic, self organized network. Chapters exist across Canada and in: UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Chile and Puerto Rica.

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