No SUV Guilt

A California company has created a method to turn your Hummer into a zero-emmison vehicle for under $200. TerraPass members pay a fee each year that is used to fund things that counteract carbon production. This could be the purchasing of trees or the planting of a windmill (or vice-versa). The company is for-profit but it does limit how much profit it walks away with each year to the tune of 10%.

How much a member pays is based on what kind of car they drive. Perhaps a driver of a Prius gets money sent to them for driving. CNN has more information on this green-driven-intiative.

You would think that SUV drivers might be interested in this company but, environmentalists who drive are their major market. From the CNN article: “We fully expected to target SUV drivers with SUV guilt,” he said. “It just doesn’t exist”

And be sure to find out what would Jesus Drive.

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