Wal-Mart: Never Low Prices

A group of citizens in Vancouver, BC have successfully campaigned to eliminate a Wal-Mart being built. The group, Building Better Neighbourhoods, campaigned Vancouver City Council to forbid the American company from opening a store along South East Marine Drive.

Wal-Mart, having failed a lot recently in getting City Councils to OK new plans, really wanted to win in Vancouver. Interestingly Wal-Mart hired an architect to make a building that is environmentally friendly in an obvious attempt to sway council and placate lobby groups. A Canadian Tire store was also turned down.

One thought on “Wal-Mart: Never Low Prices

  1. yeah i remember hearing this and thinking… terrific, a small victory for local networks of economic interdependence.

    it sure doesvfeel better buying cheap chinese made goods from our neighbors, rather than a big heatless American company.

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