Surgery is obviously complicated and recovery times from surgeries can be really fast or seem to drag on forever. In order to drastically speed up recovery times of people who have to have their chest opened up doctors are now using superglue to help heal the bones effected.

Superglue is harmless in our nice bodies and the glue used in the surgery is actually derived from natural sources.

Instead of it taking six to eight weeks for the bone to fuse back together, “we do it in 24 hours.” The glue makes it rock solid within a day.

A study released Sunday suggests the use of adhesive in chest surgery reduces the normal recovery time by half. Patients have less physical disability in the first six weeks after surgery and can breathe deeply sooner, Dr. Fedak reports. He adds that patients are able to cough with less discomfort and require significantly less medication such as narcotics to manage pain.

No complications or side effects from the glue were reported among the 55 patients in the randomized controlled trial.

The procedure has the potential to improve post-operative care for an estimated 1.4 million open-chest surgeries performed worldwide each year, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Read the rest of the article at The Globe.

Thanks to Astrid for the find!

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