Eyes on Darfur

Amnesty International has started a new campaign that aims to bring the world’s eyes onto the crisis in Darfur through a new website Eyes on Darfur. The site offers users the ability to see up to date satellate imagery of what’s going on in the troubled region. This Amnesty Interanatinal project sounds simialr to what Google Earth recently did.

Amnesty International USA’s unprecedented Eyes On Darfur project leverages the power of high-resolution satellite imagery to provide unimpeachable evidence of the atrocities being committed in Darfur – enabling action by private citizens, policy makers and international courts. Eyes On Darfur also breaks new ground in protecting human rights by allowing people around the world to literally “watch over” and protect twelve intact, but highly vulnerable, villages using commercially available satellite imagery.

let’s hope that this will get more people writing their officals to do something about the crisis!

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