Find Products That Last a Lifetime (and those that don’t)

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Having to buy things is always a nuisance, but sometimes things are needed, so when that happens be sure to get things that last. That’s the premise of Exit Reviews, a new site that asks people to review products once the product breaks. Thus, you can research which products last and which component is the most likely to break. It’s a neat idea to help stop people from buying weak products.

Find out how long products last, where they break, and how to fix them

?Common stress points

Find out what the common failure modes of product are.

?Quality declines

See if a product’s/brand’s quality has changed or gone down at some point. Let’s keep corporations accountable.

?Average longevity

Learn how long products of a brand last and compare them with the average longevity of a category.


Everything breaks eventually, but when it does, can you easily repair/fix it?

Check it out.

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