Sorry, I Have Lightining on the Other Line…

Cellphones may soon be able to warn you of an impending lightning strike if some researchers from Nokia have their way.

Having a lighting warning system in your cellphone can help keep you safe when participating in outdoor activities (golf springs to mind). Cell phones can pick up frequency changes in the immediate environment by using the phone’s antenna.

TXT MSG not :( for ppl

A Canadian research team have concluded that text messaging does not negatively impact the grammar of Canadian teens. It looks like people are just getting more creative with their use of language, which ultimately proves a better understanding of words as a whole.

“New research from linguists at the University of Toronto suggests that instant messaging doesn’t deserve its reputation for spoiling syntax. In a study of 71 teenagers, researchers found that the teens showed a strong command of the language.
When chatting with friends, the teens cleverly fused different features of the language: written and spoken, formal and informal.”

Now, if only I can fix my use of the English language…

Zepplins for Communication

Large airships, like a Zeppelin, will be floating overhead and beaming cell phone calls to planet’s surface if a Swiss inventor has his way. The airship will use a new way to broadcast that produces less radiation, which is nice considering the ongoing debate about the dangers of cellphones.

Additionally, the airships will be solar powered and be robot controlled, which means that the cost will be low and nice on the environment.

“Thanks to a GPS steering system developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the 60-meter long helium-filled balloon will remain stationary at 21 kilometres above the earth.

A small-unmanned aircraft outfitted with a mobile phone antenna and other devices for transmitting digital data will be attached to the zeppelin. The X station has been equipped with giant propellers to help counter the almost constant buffeting from the wind. “

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