Camino Wear: Clothing for Walking

Camino Wear is a clothing line that is focused on celebrating walking, travel, and adventure. The inspiration for the clothing line comes the founder’s walk along the Camino de Santiago.

We believe that walking, travel and adventure are some of the most important things in life.

Walking, because (in our humble opinion) slow travel is best. To be outdoors, to be active, to be in one’s environment = a happier, healthier life full of beautiful, small moments.

Travel, because this world is incredible and so very diverse. Meeting new people and experiencing new things allows us to grow; both in our compassion for others and also for ourselves.

Adventure, because life is too short to become complacent.

Because purposeful wandering is the opposite of being lost.

They are looking for love and support on Indiegogo, there are only 8 days left:

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