Japan Stops Antarctic Whaling this Winter

Sea Shepherd has succeed in its goal to stop Japan from whaling. The stoppage is a result of Sea Shepherd actively hindering the ability of whalers to kill whales, nobody has been harmed by the organization but Japan is calling for the group to be banned by other nations.

Japanese whalers seem intent on whaling again this year but for now let’s take a moment to rejoice that the needless slaughter of whales is not happening for the rest of the winter.

Japan has suspended whaling in the Antarctic after repeated harassment by conservationists, says a government official.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships have been chasing the whaling fleet for weeks in the icy seas, trying to block Japan’s annual whale hunt, planned for up to 945 whales.

The Australian Greens said late last night that the Japanese decision was “truly a cause for celebration”.

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New and Ugly Looking Creatures Found

ugly Recently researchers have found some new species of life under Antarctica, and the creepy creatures are ugly. I really like how one day people will say the world is so small thanks to “teh internet’s tubes,” yet we are always discovering new things on this planet.

“This is the sixth year of the marine census, an ambitious project that involves 2,000 researchers from 80 countries trying to get a handle on what is living in the world’s oceans”

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