Collision 2023 Day 3

The final day of Collision conference and there are still more startups to write about. It’s neat that there are so many companies looking to address the UN SDGs!

Loop wants to be the so called middleman, and that’s good. They are on a mission to make it super easy and simple to buy/sell children’s items from other parents in your local community. They will literally handle pickup and delivery of kids items you want to resell.

Everyone knows we need to get cars off the road, and one way to do that is to encourage car sharing instead of car owning. RideALike is a new car share company with a slightly different business model similar to AirBnB.

Future Fields genetically modifies fruit flies to produce proteins and other biomolecules. The output can then be used to make vaccines, insulin, or other useful bio products. This is a really neat approach to speeding up production of biomolecules and doing so in a green fashion. The CEO of the company told me that the fruit flies can’t escape because they are genetically engineered to have curved wings.

Today I had to park at a bike rack further away from the entrance. It’s good to see so many people using two wheels to attend Collision. Let’s hope for more bike parking next year.

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