Saving Scholars From Scary Situations

Academics face persecution in parts of the world where authoritarian governments rule, which makes the exploration of knowledge very difficult and can even lead to safety concerns for the academics. Thankfully there’s an organization, Scholars at Risk, who’s sole goal is to provide a safe haven for researchers. This organization game to my attention on an academic mailing list where a Russian academic was looking for escape from the country. It’s good to know that SAR is out there helping keep people safe.

Scholars at Risk (SAR) protects scholars facing grave threats to their lives, liberty, and well-being, in part by arranging positions of sanctuary at institutions in our network for those forced to flee.

These positions, which can range from six months to two years but are usually one year in duration, are visiting scholar, researcher, or professor engagements at a higher education institution in a safe location anywhere in the world. SAR also provides advisory services for displaced scholars who are struggling to restart their lives and their careers in their new location. Since SAR’s founding in 2000, we have arranged more than 1200 positions for at-risk scholars.

If you or a scholar you know is under threat and seeks assistance, please complete SAR’s application for assistance. SAR invites higher education institutions to learn more about hosting threatened scholars.

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