Emergency Shelter Packaged Like a Coffee Cup

Reaction Call to Action from Reaction on Vimeo.

Reaction is a new company which recently crowd funded enough money to send a boatload of housing to help refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. The company makes Exo shelters which are stackable and easily shippable emergency shelters that can be deployed to areas suffering a disaster. The design was created as a reaction to what the designer saw during Hurricane Katrina.

Eight years after his initial idea, he has come up with the Exo Housing Unit, which consists of a floor plate and an upper shell. The portable pieces can be transported easily; just one truck can carry over 20 units. Once at the disaster location, the shelter can be simply set-up by placing the shell on top of the floor plate. At $5,000, Exo shelters are also notably cheaper than the $20,000 trailers used for shelter during Katrina, according to Fast Company.

With the design finished, the company is now in production stage and can begin answering the multiple requests they have received for their shelters from around the world. First, they plan on sending their shelters to Syria in an effort to help some of the 7 million people who have been displaced due to civil unrest.

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One thought on “Emergency Shelter Packaged Like a Coffee Cup

  1. It sounds like a glitzy version of ShelterBox without all the life-support equipment – medicine and first aid kit, cookstove and cookware, water containers and purification systems, thermal blankets, cots and waterproof groundsheets, malaria nets (where required), basic tools (saw, hammer, hatchet, pliers). When you look at ShelterBox with its proven track record and Exo you might get the feeling that it’s a hustle.

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