Clean the Air While Biking – With Plants

Here’s a neat idea to clean the air while getting around town – build a bicycle with a plant box. You can follow the complete instructions at the link, but it looks like it takes a bit of work. I’m sure it’s a pleasure to ride with the smell of fresh herbs or flowers under your nose.

Plant bike

3 thoughts on “Clean the Air While Biking – With Plants

  1. Ok, I’m all for the green and everything, but this one is a little to far off in left field,… now if you get the plants to peddle the bike, then you would something 😉

  2. I’ve actually seen someone ride with a planter in their basket here in Toronto, but yeah, it’s a little too much work. Peddling plants- now there’s a fun idea!

  3. aw that’s so cute! i like putting plants everywhere. however, i don’t think i’d do it because i’d have to expend more energy to haul the plant around (i’m really out of shape as it is).

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