Energy Company Pays Customers for Solar Panels

Duke Energy, located in the USA, will start paying their customers to install solar panels, this is a reaction by the company to increased regulation. I wish Duke Energy would pay for a solar panel on my house.

“We’d love to have the panels — if we could afford it — and be completely green,” Durkin says. But given that his utility bill is only about $200 a month, he says “it made no sense.”

Then he heard that his local electric company, Duke Energy, wants to install solar panels on hundreds of customers’ roofs and vacant lots.

“If Duke could put them up and they’re going to get a better deal with it, then at least I’m helping the cause, and that’s what I wanted to do,” Durkin says.

For decades, Duke Energy has envisioned massive coal-fired and nuclear power plants as the best way to generate electricity for 4 million customers. But a new state law and the possibility of federal restrictions on greenhouse gases is pushing the 104-year-old utility to try new things.

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  1. I think theres a new solar panel called the quantum dots which are less expensive and are good conductors. now theres no excuse for big companies to start putting solar panels on their buildings.

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