Illegal Software No Longer Necessary

Linux, which is a free and open computer operating system can be used instead of more popular options like Apple and Microsoft Windows. We already know that Windows is a big polluter, and Apple has been criticized creatively for their lack of green policies. The alternative to these polluters is linux (my favourite linux version is Ubuntu).

To make computing even easier, a blogger has put up a list of software that is commonly pirated with a list of free and open alternatives. For example, no need to buy Microsoft Office when you can use Open Office.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Software No Longer Necessary

  1. I have been using Open Office for about a year and a half now and I am slow converting my systems over to Linux (Debian – Sarge). I still run Windoz XP, and I am hoping to be rid of the crappy Microsoft software by the end of the year. My only problem, is I tend to want to know exactly how everything works on my OS. I will say this, the new Debian Firewall I built is amazing fast and powerful.

    Good to see more Linux users out there.

  2. I’ve been a Linux and Open Source advocate for years, but quite frankly, Linux is damn near impossible to configure. Every single day I sit down to use my linux box, I am constantly configuring things as I go… and installing software is a horrendous hassle, everything is dependent on some other software package i need to track down, which is in turn dependent on another, which wants me to find some other whose development was discontinued 5 years ago.

    Nothing comes close to touching my Mac as far as being a computer goes. Of course, yes, Apple *is* a corporation.

  3. I’m with you Chris. Ubuntu is the closest that Linux has ever gotten to being usable. I’m writing this from Apple……

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