A-Typical Uses for Household Goods

Taking your beer and liqour bottles back to the beer store is a fantastic GREEN option called re-using. Its been around for a while, but North America seems to have forgotten how to do it; opting for a simple trash and replace mindset. Now a new funky eco-chic movement is taking re-use to new heights and its called up-cycling.
I started thinking about up-cycling a couple of months ago whenever I was going to recycle something (I have a bread bag of trash every 2-3 weeks) and I was amazed at how creative and rewarding it can be. My best upcycles include:

1. Hydroponic watering system from 2L pop bottles
2. Using a wine bottle as a rolling pin
3. Old shirts, cloths, etc as drapes
4. TV or Computer stand stand of aluminum cans
5. Various cat toys

About Cam Proctor

Cameron works diligently in this academic and personal live to build capacity within communities and people towards the mutually inclusive goals of environmental sustainability and rewarding lifestyles. An avid supporter of education, Cameron believes in Thingsaregood.com as the “missing link” between alternative news and community involvement. Integrating his knowledge into writing, he pails in comparison to other writers in the humour dimension.

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