From Piracy to a Free Nation

The Pirate Bay wanted to buy Sealand or some other island to form their own nation or something along those lines. Anyway, as a result a group of Pirate Bay members (edit: the group started as a result of a conversation on the Pirate Bay and now has no association with the Bay) have decide to actually create their own free nation!

From the Freenation Foundation their mission is:
“To establish an ecologically sustainable society that provides the freedom to advance humanity through science, reason and cooperation.”

One thought on “From Piracy to a Free Nation

  1. Dear Adam,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the public relations team of the Free Nation Foundation. We appreciate you blogging on us, and helping spread the word.

    However, this article contains an error. We are not currently associated in any way with The Pirate Bay, we do not have the $20,000+ that has been donated to them, and we are not their side project. We feel it is important to make that clear, as it seems to be a common misconception about our organization.

    Thank you once again for writing about us,
    Public Relations Team Leader

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