Kids Can Divde by Zero

A professor in the UK has come up with a new number (really it’s a non-number-number) that means we no longer have to divide by zero. Instead, zero is replaced with “nullity,” which is nothing times infinity.

“The theory of nullity is set to make all kinds of sums possible that, previously, scientists and computers couldn’t work around.

“We’ve just solved a problem that hasn’t been solved for twelve hundred years – and it’s that easy,” proclaims Dr Anderson having demonstrated his solution on a whiteboard at Highdown School, in Emmer Green.”

3 thoughts on “Kids Can Divde by Zero

  1. Actually, this guy’s theory does not solve any problems and does not even introduce any new concepts. It just creates a bunch of new problems. This whole things is just a new word and a huge amount of bs. It should be listed on “thisisbroken”, not on “thingsaregood.”

  2. I’m never going to pretend to be a mathematician and this another example of why. Sorry for the misleading post then.

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