How High?

Rising construction equals rising profits.  The Dubai Tower, or “Burj Dubai”, is slated to become the world’s tallest tower.  Located in downtown Dubai,  it reaches 79 floors so far.  By the end of 2008, it will extend at least 700 metres, and cost 1 billion dollars.


However, Emaar Properties, the company promoting the tower, refuses to reveal the end goal.  Only when construction is finished will the general public find out how high the tower reaches.  “At the moment, we are not answering. We’ll say it (will be) more than 700 metres and more than 160 stories … The people who need to know, know,” says Greg Sang, the Emaar official in charge of Burj Dubai.

Every week, two stories are added to the tower.  It is expected to be the centerpiece of a 20-billion-dollar venture featuring the construction of a new district, “Downtown Burj Dubai”.  This new community will have 30,000 apartments and the world’s largest shopping mall.

Currently, the world’s tallest inhabited building is “Taipei 101” in Taiwan, which is 508 metres tall.

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2 thoughts on “How High?

  1. Hey…not to watch some lame news but I was watching 20/20 and they had a segment on this specific tower in Dubai. Supposedly there useing slave labour to build the tower. The workers are getting less than $1.00 an hour, and are living in worker camps in horrible conditions. This may not be such good news after all.

  2. Wow, that’s like a sweatshop becoming a sweattower! Oh man, this world is a complicated business.

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