Pig Poo + Distillation = Pigoline

Since it is Friday and we try to cover more ridiculous news, here is a gasoline made from pig poo.

A NASCAR feul specialists has found a way to take run of the mill pig waste and turn it into a high-octane adventure! Dean Gokel says he can produce 110 octane “pigoline” that is indistinguishable on a molecular level from petroleum-based additives.

“Here’s how it is supposed to work: First, he prepares the waste, turning it “into the consistency of a milkshake,” and then pumps it into the reactor. The hogs, kindly, do much of the hard work, breaking food into the big carbon-based molecules found in manure. Gokel’s process fractures long carbon chains and ring structures into chemicals closer to gasoline, such as C10 or better yet, C8 (basically, octane). Those smaller molecules are distilled off as a vapor, which is collected and eventually used as a fuel additive. The amines–nitrogen products–left behind can then be packed off and sold as commercial chemicals. Gokel is only running five-gallon batches, but there is no significant waste from it. The process takes about three hours.”

2 thoughts on “Pig Poo + Distillation = Pigoline

  1. Way to go Dean. I would like the chance to speak with you. I’m in the pet waste business. I’m a pooper scooper in NC and need to find something usefull to do with several hundred pounds of dog waste per month. I know that they are getting some fuel from it in the UK and in Frisco. Not alot but still has some value.

  2. Great job Dean! I hope everyone keeps there eyes and ears open on this one. Hope you get the support of serious investors looking for a scientifi breakthrough. Don’t worry about people who laugh, they also laughed at Thomas Edison and other great inventors! Good Luck DEAN !!!

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