Clean Water for Rural Africa? It’s Child’s Play!

Here’s some good news from South Africa! A Non-for-profit company called PlayPumps International has developed a children’s merry-go-round that also doubles as a water pump for villages in rural Africa.

As the children play on the merry-go-round, clean water is pumped into clean reservoir for use later by villagers. It’s a creative and fun way to help kids with very little to help themselves.

Right now, half the people in developing countries are suffering from water-related diseases. 1.7 million children under the age of five die from diarrhea each year.

For more information or to donate, see the PlayPumps website

About Benny Powers

Benny is a 20 year old student of the arts and sciences. He will be attending Trent University for the 2006-2007 semester. An experienced percussionist, Benny specializes in hand percussion such as djembe, doumbek and udu drums. Recently he has joined the Toronto samba band <a href="">Samba Elegua</a>, playing the surdo. He also does <a href="">spoken word poetry</a>, and performs at open mic nights in Toronto in the summer time.

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