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t e l e k o m m u n i s t e n is a hosted voice over IP phone service that is worker-run that uses profits to fund international aid and development efforts. This is such a good idea!

From their website:

Worker Owned and Operated

telekommunisten is controlled by it’s workers and committed to staying that way, we believe we can serve our customers best and at the lowest cost by remaining focused on meeting the needs of our employees and customers, not on profits for outside shareholders. Being worker-owned means that all the money you spend on our products goes directly to the maintenance and improvement of the service you receive.

Dedicated to International Development and Aid

The founders of telekommunisten are committed activists and have contributed to numerous projects in North America, Europe and Africa, from setting up Independant media convergence spaces in Canada and working with refugees and migrants in Europe, to co-ordinating relief efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. When you employ telekommunisten, you support our work.

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