Better Sex Through Equality

A new study by the researchers at Chigago University has shown that sex is considered more satisfying in countries where men and women share more equality. Austria has the highest rates of sexual satisfaction among countries worldwide. Canada, Spain, Belgium and the United States also reported very high rates of enjoyment within peoples sex lives. Japan ranked the lowest with only 25.7% of folks reporting a good quality of romantic pleasure.
These kinds of studies can really help you to appreciate living in a country where men and womens rights are shared.

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3 thoughts on “Better Sex Through Equality

  1. There are a number of factors to consider. In countries were men and women are more equal usually in the west, they tend to use the pill and not worry about getting pregnent. Also sexual promiscuity are far more tolerated in a society were gender equality are common. There are also false statistics too were people simply dont admit to having a bad sex life. I dont believe it is strictly true that true gender equality and would lead to better ses.Take Sweden and Finland for example were they have a 50-50 representation of men and women in government and in running companies the bedroom fun is all but affected because role revearsal resulted in men losing their masculininity and women losing their feminity.

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